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196​6- Born to Lise and Jean-Guy Senecal June 9th in Montreal.

1969- Stomach pumped for a potentially fatal aspirin overdose.

1971- Featured eating french-fries in a television commercial for the Montreal Expos baseball franchise.

1976- Family owned business is burnt to the ground, the loss is not covered by insurance. The family is forced to move into a cramped rented cottage.

1977- The cottage is flooded and the family is homeless for over 10 weeks. He spends that summer with his cousins in a Montreal “suburban” development called the West Island.

1980- Family moves to the Montreal suburb, West Island.

1981- Senecal gets drunk at school dance and vomits on principal’s desk. He is prohibited from high school events for that year as well as the next.

1982- Starts smoking

1983- Gets his first job; a mascot for a suburban shopping mall. Senecal entertains patrons for 8 months dressed as a bumblebee.

1984- Grandfather, Fernand Senecal, whom studied at l’Ėcole Des Beaux Art de Montreal in the late 1920’s suddenly dies on Christmas morning.

1988- Studied fine art for 4 years in Montreal at Dawson college and Concordia University.

1993- Senecal moves to Nova Scotia and formally studies fine art for the next 4 years.


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